Cremone Handle Stefy 217 Series


This cremone handle is an ambidexter. Only for inside opening. With release of positioning to 90° through the derlin cam and helicoidal spring.

Grip and cover are in extruded aluminium. Mechanism in stamped metal, bottom cover in nylon. Centre distance fixing: 130, 130 (NC/GR 9), 104, 98, 84,5. This handle is suitable for open joint systems as for traditional systems.

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Product Details


Ral: standard colour chart
Specials: brass
20 cremones each pack

Data Sheet

217/1 Cremone STEFY int.130 rip plastic
217/2 Cremone STEFY int.130 rip wood
217/3 Cremone STEFY int.104 rip plastic
217/4 Cremone STEFY int.104 rip wood

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